Increase Brand Recognition:

Get your business recognized as a brand with a presence in many places, a quality Google rewards when displaying search results.

Increase Customer Base:

We will optimize your site and this will allow more customers to find your online presence and allow you to get to know and interact with more people.

Revenue Generation:

Watch as your sales increase by allowing people to find you using one of the most common ways people look for goods and services, Google search.

Outstanding Performance:

Our White Hat Approach Will Help You Beat Out Your Competition!


12 + 10 =


You hope that the money you put in your business will mean more money that you will make. An investment in us is like an investment in your business. Your increased sales, exposure and referrals will more than pay for our services.


We are not the type of SEO agency that is shrouded in mystery. We will be in contact with you on a consistent basis. We are working for you and want to see your business increase as much as you do. We are here to answer any questions you may have and you are always welcomed to contact us anytime.


We have a subscription to 7 different SEO agencies that provide metrics about rankings, traffic and brand recognition. These are a significant part of our budget and these reports are included in your package. We update you no less than once per month, and more if we see changes in rankings.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are many things that help a site rank on the first page of Google. Some may say that it is content, others say it is brand exposure, and still others say links carry the most weight. SEO agencies have their preferred avenue and stick to it without using all three of these methods. We use these three….and more! SEO takes research because there is no handbook that Google freely gives out that describes how to guarantee rankings. We have done this research and know what does and doesn’t work. Let us do the work for getting your business noticed locally nationally.

Is SEO dead or no longer working?

Not necessarily. Google may have released a lot of updates since the last deadly “Penguin” update, but if there’s one fact that’s true, it’s the fact that black-hat SEO no longer works.

With the advent of social media networks as marketing tools and more white-hat or legitimate SEO techniques being developed, our Birmingham SEO marketing campaign should give your business a competitive edge against the competition.

What can I do to help my website’s rankings?

First thing you need to do is get a top-ranking Birmingham SEO company that will help you create a good-looking website and give it fresh and unique content on a daily or monthly basis.

Next would be to hire us, of course. We have helped dozens of companies in Birmingham in creating great websites with fresh content and we have done so for years. Our Birmingham SEO experts are some of the best in the country. What more can you ask for?

Cool! Where do I get started?

You can contact us through email or by giving us a call. You can check out our “Contact Us” page for more information. You can also fill up a Request by filling up the information above. We’ll get back right at you at the soonest time possible.



Total Domination

Some SEO’s say they will give you the top result on Google search for your keyword. That’s one spot. We don’t like just one spot, we would rather have your business listed multiple times on the first page. This gives your business more trust and exposure to your customers

Website Design

Sometimes there is a need for an overhaul of one of our customer’s sites. We can do this in-house. We have built many sites from scratch and have redesigned many. Whichever you need, the end result will be responsive (mobile friendly), high converting websites.

Worry Free Contract

Most SEO’s want you to sign lengthy contracts and will slow down their work accordingly to ensure they always have business. We don’t hold to this philosophy. We want you in and want you out. We get you ranked and set you on your way. If your rankings eventually go down, you are welcomed to come back to us but we never force you to stay.

Social Marketing

There is hardly a business anywhere that can’t take advantage of social media. We incorporate it into our sites to increase traffic and exposure.


SEO is a very large and constantly evolving puzzle. Not one single piece by itself will guarantee and sustain long-term rankings. There are a few pieces that are larger and more important. There are some that are smaller. You have to remember that they are all imperative to a successful SEO strategy. Let us put all of the pieces of the puzzle together for you.&